Isshin-Ryu Karate History of Zachary A. Newman

Sensei Pete Taylor and his sons studied karate in Jackson, Michigan under one of Sensei Pete's High School classmates, Sensei Lee Norton. After moving to Chandler, Sensei Pete became acquainted and began training with Sensei Shannon. He has been instrumental in expanding the weapons training and self-defense techniques offered at her dojo.

He returns to Michigan regularly for further instruction from Sensei Norton. Sensei Pete has achieved Go Dan (5th Degree Black Belt) in Isshinryu. Although he initially studied karate as a means of spending constructive time with his sons, he soon recognized his martial arts training as a positive stabilizer in his life. Karate is a good outlet for day to day stress and an excellent means of staying physically and mentally active.

He enjoys the dojo environment and the people with whom he trains because there is a good balance of structure, support, camaraderie, competition, sharing, striving to be one's personal best, and helping others to achieve their personal best. Sensei Pete constantly learns from karate students as they approach each lesson with fresh eyes and no preconceived notions. 

He particularly enjoys giving students a piece of a kata or a set of principals as a framework and letting them discover for themselves an element or aspect they previously have not seen or understood. Outside of the dojo, Sensei Pete practices Yoga, Pilates, and resistance training. He and his wife enjoy cooking together. He also does woodworking and has made some of the weapons with which he trains.