Isshin-Ryu Karate History of Rik Rodgers

In 1985, as a freshman in High School, I began training in Hapkido, and Judo under the instruction of Br. Bob Smith in Fond Du Lac, WI.

In 1987, I returned to Jackson, MI, and studied under Sensei Brian Fry for two years until my military enlistment in 1989.

When home on leave at various points, Sensei Roger Pratt allowed me to train at his dojo. Shorin-Ryu was different than what Id learned under Mr. Fry, but Roger never pressed upon me that I was doing anything wrong, just different. I am still excited to explore the similarities between our styles.

After a 23 year training hiatus, in 2012, my son Alex expressed an interest in learning martial arts. We searched the area, and found Sensei Nortons dojo. We have been training there ever since.

We were both promoted to Shodan (first degree black belt) on June 2nd of 2018.

Our training will continue. The friends we have developed here, we consider family.

Alex has enlisted in the Marines, and his future is his to decide, but the man he has become is due to the influence of the people we have met here.

Im a proud dad.