Isshin-Ryu Karate History of Rick Sawyer

Years ago growing up in rural Michigan, I read several "Karate" and self-defence manuals, checked out several local dojos, almost gave up...but then I walked by the "red door" downtown on my wan back from work one evening. I wandered up, to find three men performing kata in a rather stark, cold dojo. All were friendly, but quitely working hard.

I was 32 then, I am 58 now. With various breaks in my training due to life events I made first-degree black belt after three years, second degree after a couple more, and many years later I finally made it to third degree. I'm still training despite serious health issues, but I will never quit.

Thank you Sensei Norton, Sensei Harrill, Sensei Kerker, and my Karate brothers.