1. No profanity, alcohol, or drugs.
  2. No shoes are to be worn into the dojo.
  3. Toenails and fingernails are to be clipped.
  4. A clean gi, in good repair, is to be worn at all times. During hot weather (above 75 degrees) a class B uniform consisting of a T-shirt and gi pants can be worn.
  5. Students should arrive 10-30 minutes before each class.
  6. Kyu rank students are responsible for sweeping the floor. Take your turn. Class will be canceled if the floor is dirty.
  7. A student cannot leave the dojo floor without permission.
  8. A respectful bow is to be given whenever entering or leaving the dojo floor.
  9. Students are to stand in the yoi position whenever an instructor is talking or showing a technique unless otherwise stated by the instructor.
  10. Attendance should be regular and at least once per week, preferably twice. If at all possible, inform your instructor if you are going to miss a class.
  11. Students are to sign in for each class that they attend.
  12. Students are to address their instructor as either Sensei, or Sensei followed by their last name.
  13. Any substitute instructor will be treated as your regular Sensei.
  14. Students are encouraged to ask questions and they may do so during regular class at the appropriate time without interrupting the Sensei
  15. Matching or sparring may only be done under supervision with control of technique and yourself. PROTECTIVE GEAR IS REQUIRED - NO EXCEPTIONS!!
  16. Students who arrive late to class are to stand at attention at the edge of the dojo floor until the Sensei gives them permission to join class.
  17. Karate is not a game. What you are taught in the dojo is to be treated with respect and kept within the dojo.
  18. Each person is accountable for his or her own actions on the outside as well as in the dojo.
  19. No one is to give a public demonstration, compete in a tournament, or teach Isshin-Ryu without his or her Sensei's permission.
  20. It is up to everyone to help keep the dojo clean at all times. Check with your Sensei from time to time to see if any help is needed.
  21. Everyone should keep a serious attitude during class. What people on the outside think of our dojo will depend upon what you project to them.
  22. Promotions will depend upon many things: attitude, attendance, and knowledge to name a few. Remember, the belt doesn't make the person; the person makes the belt.