Isshin-Ryu Karate History of Eric Lagow

My first experience of training in the martial arts was at the age of 10. I was enrolled in a Tae Kwon do school taught by Pete May. Although I only trained for a couple of years, I was always interested in fighting arts. In my 20ís I re-enrolled in Tae Kwon do. After training for a couple of years, I realized this was not what I was looking for in the martial arts. I wanted to train in a style conducive to learning practical combat skills.

Shortly after leaving Tae kwon do, I was referred to Mr. Nortonís dojo. On my first visit I witnessed several students applying techniques directly from the basic curriculum. I felt I found what I was looking for in this dojo.

Since February 2002 I have Trained under the instruction of Lee Norton. During this time, I have attended most of the scheduled classes available. Only occasional injury or illness have prevented me from attending. I was fortunate enough to also attend two Seminars taught by the late Sherman Harrill.

In addition, I have attended several other seminars. These include seminars instructed by John Kerker, The current senior instructor of our lineage.

What I have found in Isshin-ryu, specifically our dojo, is capable combat system. I have felt no need to invest much time in other martial arts styles. Although I occasionally research other systems, I feel investment in Issin-ryu has given me enough material to study for a lifetime.